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The demand for traceability from farm to product and beyond is increasing. What is the driver behind the need for traceable products? How can we work together to trace our beautiful wool throughout our complex supply chain? Which technology is best suited to track and trace seemlessly? And who is going to pay for the investments needed? These and more are the questions discussed on Wool Connect.


In order for consumers to have trust in wool products, the wool industry needs to become more and more transparent about its on- and off farm practices. There are many certifications that aim to fill this void. With more and more certifications arising the questions rise too: What is the difference between certifications? Is the certification market already too crowded? Will investing in certifications pay-off in the end? What to do against audit-fatigue?


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are setting the agenda for brands and retailers in areas of climate action, equality and the environment. These agendas influence consumer and sourcing decisions. The Wool Connect Community explores what this context means for wool.

Animal Welfare

Also Animal Welfare remains a key topic for the wool industry. Consumers have specific views on animals should be treated which leads to clear market signals in the market as the demand for non-mulesed wool for example is outperforming supply. The Wool Connect Community discusses practical solutions that help meet the demand for welfare friendly wool.

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